Unleash’s lead product, UIO-623, is a systemically delivered oncolytic virus.

UIO-623’s viral replication is triggered by a triple hybrid promoter that combines the stroma-associated SPARC gene promoter and motifs responsive to tumor microenvironment conditions such as inflammation and hypoxia.

The stroma, composed by non-malignant cancer-associated altered fibroblasts, endothelial and immune cells, provides nutrients, structure and helps the malignant cells to grow and disseminate

Cancer-associated stroma cells may account for up to 90% of the tumor mass and are not being specifically targeted by any other current therapies

Directly targeting the stroma cells is a significant paradigm shift over existing cancer treatments

Our lead product , UIO-623, is a patent-protected oncolytic virus designed to target both malignant cells and tumor-associated stroma cells


CEO and Founder: Daniel Katzman

Daniel has over twenty years of international biotech experience with novel drug programs, fund raising, and business development. He is the founder and President of NeuroHealing Pharmaceuticals (Boston, MA), the past Vice President of Oridion Medical, and a venture partner with Axia Ventures Company Builder. Building and managing the unique start-up challenges that biotech start-up companies face gives Unleash a key advantage in leveraging its critical assets to the finish line. Daniel obtained his MSc in Biochemistry at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata.

COO: Louis J. Cantolupo

Experienced in the development of product concepts to the clinic, Lou has over 20 years of international business and product development in both the gene therapy and vaccine space.  As a founder of the CMO Omnia Biologics (acquired by Vigene Biosciences) and having worked with novel production technologies throughout his career at GenVec, Crucell, and Valneva, Lou has a level of perspective that complements the unique development needs of innovative biopharmaceutical products.  Lou has an MBA from the University of Maryland College Park (Smith School of Business) and a BS in Biotechnology from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Vice President, Preclinical Development: Bradley Keller, PhD

With a long and spanning career in preclinical development, Brad provides Unleash the know-how needed to successfully translate the science into the clinic. Having worked at Pfizer, Sigma Aldrich, and in venture capital (RiverVest Venture Partners), Brad brings the know-how needed to convert Unleash’s concepts to reality through managing the company’s preclinical efforts internally and with external contractors. Brad holds a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Kansas and a BA in Biology and Chemistry from the University of Delaware.



CEO and Founder: Daniel Katzman

Director: Lisandro Bril

Director: Charlie Bolten

Director: Yasunari Kashihara


Osvaldo Podhajcer, Ph.D. 

  • – Lead scientific advisor and inventor of Unleash’s hybrid promoter technology, SPARC
  • – Laboratory Chief of the Molecular and Cellular Therapy lab at Instituto Leloir (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • – Senior Researcher at the National Council for Scientific and Technological Research (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • – PhD from Universidad de Buenos Aires and post-doctoral research at the Intitut de Génétique Moléculaire, Université de Strasbourg, BSc from Ben Gurion University (Israel)

Ronald Alvarez, MD

  • – Principal investigator for Unleash’s UIO-522 program
  • – Betty and Lonnie S. Burnett Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology (Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center)
  • – Director and Vice Chair of University of Alabama Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology (2003-14)
  • – MD from Louisana State University School of Medicne, MBA from Auburn University, and BS from Louisan State University

Marina Scuseria – Advisor

Marina has 15+ years of experience in Biotech.
She is a strategist with global experience in leading Pharma/Biotech corporations with extensive experience in corporate strategy, strategic planning, portfolio management, business development and global marketing in USA, Europe and Latin America.
Marina is a Venture Partner Biotechnology in Axia Ventures Company Builder.

David T. Curiel, MD, PhD

David is a key opinion leader in the development of oncolytic adenoviruses and has been the successful founder of several past biotech startups, including VectorLogics (acquired by DNAtrix) and Altimmune (NASDAQ: ALT), and most recently Precision Biologics. Currently the Director of the Biologic Therapeutics Center at Washington University in St. Louis, David plays an active role in the development of the company’s therapeutic programs. David completed his MD and PhD at Emory University.