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Unleashing the Immune Response Against Cancer Through Stroma-Targeted Armed Oncolytic Immunotherapy

Unleash Immuno Oncolytics is an immune-oncology company developing armed, oncolytic viruses that target both the tumor and the stromal compartment of cancers through multiple mechanisms of action in a single product

Treating metastatic disease presents significant challenges due to the location of the diseased tissue within the body; furthermore, large numbers of cancers develop a stroma consisting of dense connective tissues, providing a refuge for malignant cells where they can evade even the most advanced therapeutic interventions

Cancer dissemination is fostered by the stroma

Using conditionally replicating viruses that selectively target not only the tumor cells but also replicate in the stroma can physically disrupt tumor architecture  and change the tumor microenvironment;  combined with several virally produced cytokines that are modulators of the body’s immune defenses, our oncolytic virus unleashes the body’s natural ability to eliminate the malignant cells

Our lead product, UIO-524, is an oncolytic virus designed to target both malignant cells and tumor-associated stroma cells, facilitating an infection throughout the entire tumor mass 

UIO-524, further advances the field through multiple cytokines, unleashing a systemic immune response