Unleashing The Human Immune Response Against Cancer Through Armed Oncolytic Immunotherapy

Unleash Immuno Oncolytics is an immune-oncology company developing armed, oncolytic viruses that target the stromal layer of metastatic cancers through multiple mechanisms of action in a single product.

The difficulties in treating metastatic disease lies in where the metastases harbor: the stromal layers of the body. This dense connective tissue is found throughout all the organs and is where cancer cells hide, avoiding even the most advanced therapies available.

Cancer recurrence starts in the stroma.

Using conditionally replicating viruses that selectively target and replicate in the stroma itself physically destroys it at the cellular level. Combined with an integrated, on-site cytokine factory that is part of the virus, these cytokines send signals that unleash the body’s natural immune response to eliminate these malignant cells.

Our lead product, UIO-623, is an oncolytic virus designed to target both malignant cells and tumor-associated stroma cells, facilitating a lateralized infection.

UIO-623, further advances the field through camelid antibody targeting, facilitating systemic delivery in a manner that previously has not been possible with viruses.